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Peruvian Maca

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We make sure to use the ideal land for Maca farming. The cultivation land is rotated annually and each planted area is allowed to rest for 5 years to ensure growing maca roots with the greatest nutritional power. The land is prepared to begin planting in the months of November and December after natural rains


After 8-9 months from planting, the harvest is carried out by families from Junin-Pasco. The cultivation is done in a traditional way (manual) and then they proceed to clean the excess soil from the Maca with the «shaking» technique.


The maca roots are placed on blankets for 30 to 60 days to dry in the sun. Then a second cleaning is carried out to remove the leaves and thus transfer the tubers to the phyto-awnings to reduce humidity. Afterwards, the maca roots are classified by their different ecotypes (colors) and then prepared to be transported for grinding


In Lima, our organic maca roots go through the processes of washing, cutting, extrusion, micropulverizing, sieving and packaging, resulting in bulk Gelatinized Maca Powder.
We also have the organic maca encapsulation process.


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We have presentations in final product in powder and capsules


We work directly with farmers and collectors to ensure a positive social-economic impact in the regions where we operate, improving the lives of our suppliers. Our sustainable practices guarantee the long-term preservation of this powerful superfood.

Our products meet strict microbiological, pesticide, and heavy metal standards, ensuring compliance with market regulations. We hold certifications from top global quality and organic control organizations.

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Amazon Andes has a wide distribution network present in all continents of the world, we are present in more than 42 countries.

We are associated with the main Maca producing communities of Junín, Peru. We buy from families, with a number of producers.

More than 120 families and 280 people depend on our maca commercial activity.

We have more than 11 years of export experience and more than 450 wholesale shipments of maca in all its presentations to various parts of the world.

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